Learning Enterprises

College Prep Services


Academic Support / Educational Coaching:

- Communicating with students and parents clearly, with experience and integrity

- Assessing the learning difficulties

- Developing learning goals

- Reviewing learning strategies to support learning goals

- Practicing and refining the use of learning strategies

- Achieving learning goals

     For College Counseling:

Consulting with young adult students and their parents to assist them in:

- Discerning learning and career goals post-secondary school;

-Having family conversations about dreams and realities of higher education

- Developing a resume

  1. -Discerning optimal learning environments post-secondary school;

  2. -

- Discovering matches for your optimal learning environment;

- Creating a list of matches;

- Preparing applications for those matches;

- Creating essays for the applications;

- Requesting recommendations for the applications;

- Submitting the applications;

- Reviewing interview techniques

- Reviewing financial aid applications for the colleges;

- Submitting the FAFSA application and CSS Profile;

- Reviewing options when acceptances are received.

Test Preparation:

- Obtaining an accurate baseline practice test score

- Developing a test score goal based upon a realistic optimization of performance, and the requirements of targeted schools

- Tailoring review strategies to the student performance profile

- Providing guided test taking practice and review

- Measuring progress toward the student goal and refining the process

- Taking the exam and achieving the test score goal